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We know the struggle of sometimes  coming up with the money for a training class and continued education. If you are someone who would like to apply to receive $200 off   a class of your choice, (excluding our Things I wish my lash class had taught me) Please write us your story and tell us as little or as much as you would like about yourself and your lash journey.

Please note, these classes are designed for the current lash artist wanting to further their lash skills, please do not apply if you have yet to start your lash career.


Please directly email with your submissions.

Private & Group
Mega Volume


Training is held at our studio by our Master Lashologist, Kjerstin who has lashed for 5 years. She is triple certified in Volume Lash Certification and has trained the art of lashing for years.

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1 & 2 day
Mega Volume

6 hour advanced Volume/MEGA volume lash course $625, includes starter kit

Must be classic lash trained. Student will need to show proof of classic lash work. This class is also designed for the lash artist wanting to learn a faster, more efficient & thicker volume fan.

Private Trainings are flexible with dates.

2 Day Volume/MEGA Volume lash course $950 includes starter kit

Student must be classic lash trained, please show photos of your work or link to your Instagram. 2 days of training and coaching. Student will work on 2 different models. If you're from out of town, models can be provided for you.

Private trainings are flexible with dates.

Volume & Mega Volume class includes:

-Mega volume starter kit includes all of your essentials to start

-theory of volume lashes

-Mega volume fan pickup & placement

-hands on practice day 1 & 2 with a live model ( if you don't have one or you are from out of town, please contact us for additional info as we can help provide one)

-adhesive allergies, what to know

-taping procedures & tricks to save time

-adhesive history &  information regarding glue types

-mastering inner & outer corners

-lash hygiene

-retention tricks

-creating handmade Mega Volume fans

-Volume weights of fans regarding client lash health

-extras including: lash serum knowledge, marketing, client needs, etc


*Students MUST be a current lash artist, this is not for a beginner, you must have classic lash experience. You will be asked to provide proof you are a lash artist currently.

*Deposits are NON-refundable.

Please be aware that when you pay your deposit, you are accepting that you have paid a non-refundable deposit.


Can’t make your class date you signed up for?

If you cannot make it to your scheduled class, you are allowed to transfer your deposit to another class date. You must transfer your class date prior to 7  days of your scheduled class in order to transfer your class. Otherwise, you will lose your chance to transfer your deposit to another class date. Some situations will be considered, especially for out of town students.

Please contact us for any questions regarding this.

*The remaining balance is due for your class 14 days prior to your class date. If you owe the remaining balance, you will have until 14 days prior to your class date to pay it, if your invoice remains unpaid,  your class time will not be held and your deposit will be held.


Please email  for more information or to inquire about class times

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Things i wish my lash class had taught me

I started lashing in 2013. I was excited to change careers and begin my journey into the lash industry. I previously worked in the hospitality industry owning and managing small businesses  but wanted something totally different.

I moved to a new state in 2014 and within 2 weeks of moving, I had a booked solid lash clientele. How and why? I will teach you how I did it!

Back in 2013, lash extensions were becoming super popular and yet there still wasn't a ton of information available. Now there are lash classes everywhere and Instagram pages and groups to become members of. However, I  have yet to find something that really spells out the Do's and the Don'ts, the pros and the cons, the mistakes and the great ideas to help grow, expand, streamline, structure and protect your business. I made so many mistakes thru trial and error and also realized how  cut throat the industry can be.

But on the flip side? There are so many beautiful and rewarding advantages of the lash industry. This class/seminar/round table will enlighten you, help you, educate you  and motivate you to be the best you personally can be in the lash industry.

Let me help you tie up your loose ends, protect yourself, give you ideas and share with you the 5 years of knowledge you can use to better your business and lash journey.

Who better to teach you the nitty gritty than someone who has been thru and seen so much in the industry. I once struggled with ONE thing for a year because I just didn't know one simple little tiny VERY important nugget of information about tweezers.

Sometimes... just one piece of paper can propel or ruin your business...I have a story to tell and can help you dot your I's, cross your T's  and help you finish climbing to the top of your lash goals.

Class is 2-4 hours in length. Features over 30 topics ranging from things you must know legally, improvements, ideas, marketing, tips and tricks, ethics, pros and cons and ALL  the things I didn't learn in my lash class.

-Kjerstin Fox, owner

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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