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Love these mother fluffers!😍 I love when lashes have that dark lash line, which are you more into v
B I G  N E W S!!! We are now offering LashBoxLA fills and full sets!! If your one of those ladies th
Love lashing blondes always makes such a contrast😍 ________________________________________________
Another one from this awesome set!✨😍 also ladies my prices will be going up $5, all my new prices a
eyes, I was super stoked to be able to do a MEGA volume fill on this beauty!✨ thank_
Still obsessed with these D curl mega volumes😍🖤🕷 if you didn’t know what mega volume looked like,
Got to do this fluffy full set today😍 _____________________________________________________________

As Junior lashologists advance in the art of lashing, their prices will Increase.


Master/ Senior lashologists

Junior lashologists

30 Minute Fill

Lash & remove any outgrown as much as humanly possible in 30 minutes

$35     $20

45 Minute Fill

If you are on a time crunch don't worry we still have a spot for you! We will spend 45 minutes to remove and fill as much as we can

$40     $30

1 Hour Fill

1 hour is a standard lash fill time, we will spend time removing and getting your lashes fuller

1.5 Hour Fill

$55     $35

$80     $50

If you are a transfer client and this is your first time here you will need to book an 1.5 fill.

If you are trying to go fuller this is a great option

Full Set (2 hours)  $140     $65

If you have no lashes on this is what you will need to book.

Mega Volume Fill   $100

(2 hours)

Mega volume is the thickest, fluffiest fill we offer. Handmade fans are created for each client of up to 10-20 lash extensions in one fan. This service can give you up to 1,000 more lashes! This is not a full set, this is a fill. Please come in with at least 40% of your extensions still on.

Mega Volume

Full  $170

set (2.5 hours)

The thickest, most luscious full set of lashes ever! Each client will be different depending on the amount of lashes you naturally have. This set offers you up to 1000 extra lashes! Each lash extension fan is made of 10-20 individual extensions handcrafted into a volume fan.

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