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Client Consent Forms

Upon arrival at your appointment you will be asked to fill out a Client Agreement & sign an information sheet

Please do not bring children to your appointment if they are 12 or under, as children are not allowed in the treatment rooms. 

Please come to your appointment mascara free, it is VERY important that you shower your lashes the day of your appointment and get them saturated wet so they are squeaky clean. 

PLEASE click the link on the text you receive when you book your appointment on Square.

It will have important info for your appointment.

Please do not move or talk with your hands or make facial expressions during your appointment. Is is very important to remain as still as possible. Why? Because if you move, we cannot place extensions until you stop moving as our tools are very sharp and when you move, your lashes move. The more you move the less lashes you get!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Appointments that are not canceled within a 24 hour window will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. We understand life happens, that is why we only charge 50%, not 100% of your service cost.

 We are an appointment based business and we have to implement a no show/last minute cancellation policy to protect us. We notice that when we implement this policy, we have a 90% decrease in cancellations. Please understand this is generated by the booking system, it does and will send out reminders. If you are unable to make your appointment, please cancel or reschedule ASAP with the link sent on your confirmation or reminder text. 

Frequently asked Questions


Please if you wear eye makeup wash your lashes with baby shampoo or an extremely gentle non oil based face wash. Many clients have the misconception that your cant get your lashes wet. YOU CAN and we INSIST you do!! Please get them wet in the shower daily to avoid infection and or eye irritation. Your lashes are there to protect your eyes from debris, so that means your lashes are designed to catch and hold things. So please wash them by letting the water run into your eyes in the shower. If you are not washing your lashes, you are at a huge risk for infections, it also weakens and breaks your natural lashes. Please understand not washing your natural lashes is very harmful and we could deny you future lash appointments if you are not cleansing your lashes. Unwashed lashes can result in blepharitis, so pleaseeeee wash them daily!

If you use cotton swabs to take your makeup off, please DO NOT use them on the lashes. The fibers will pull on your extensions and wrap around them.

When you get out of the shower, blow dry them for about 10 seconds on low heat. This is a little trick we like to re-fluff those lashes. This will dry and separate them and fluff them up!

Please be gentle with your lashes, no picking, pulling or rubbing, this will harm your natural lashes. If you rub your lash extensions, it can snap your natural lashes. Yes they will grow back, but please, just try to avoid it.

Do not use any oil based cleansers or makeup product in or around your lashes. Oil is one of the fastest ways for the lash adhesive to lose it's bond.

Do not use an eyelash curler or any waterproof mascara! Lash extensions have a curl that stays. Mascara is NOT recommended. If you have to use it, only use non waterproof. The cheaper the mascara, the more water based it is, this is good! Grande lash mascara is the best mascara to use (if you need to use one) as it has lash growth serum in it. You don't want anything long lasting or for it to stay forever. DO not use a fiber lash type mascara on your extensions any time you put anything on your extensions, it definitely has the possibility to interfere with the glue bond. please note, when using mascara, it WILL result in faster fallout of your extensions, it breaks the glue bond. It will close up your volume fans.

You will lose more extensions on the side you sleep on and expect to lose a few a day, since it is natural to lose a few eyelashes a day. So many factors go into losing extensions. If you don't touch them and don't wear mascara, they will stay on longer!

If we could have it our way, we would have 90% of our clients use lash growth serum. Lash growth serum grows, strengthens and produces more lashes.
Who needs it?:
The not so nice part about aging is we lose the strength, amount and length of our lashes. So we highly recommend women who are more "experienced or distinguished" in age to definitely use it.
Blondes are a group who can totally benefit as their lashes are generally thinner and of lesser amount. Our mega volume devotees! Yes get on it! You want more volume? Please use it, the better health of your lashes, the thicker and longer extensions you can have!
Here's why:
Take for instance a tree branch... the more snow piled on the tree branch the more of a chance is has to break and it is heavily weighted down, but if the tree branch is longer and thicker no amount of snow will break that branch. So if you want more volume and we are unable to give it to you because of your natural lash health, here is the solution! Lash serum does not interfere with your extensions at all, so swipe it on.

application is super important. Do not put it on like liquid eyeliner, you want to put it on at the root of your lashes near your waterline, swiping it on the whole length of your lashes is not necessary, just the roots.
If it is not properly applied, it won't work! lash serum also promotes better retention! The longer and stronger your lashes, the better chance your extensions won't twist and they have more to hang onto.
We recommend Grande Lash & Rapid Lash, they are both available on Amazon (make sure you are buying directly from their company, not an outside seller)

The art of lash extensions is not an easy skill to pick up. It's intricate and requires patience, skill and constant practice. Each one of our Jr lashologists is a CA licensed Esthetician and was hand picked and trained by Kjerstin in the art of volume and mega volume lashes. A Jr lashologist is less expensive than an advanced lasher, because of the level of experience. Lashing takes time to master! They gain experience and speed with every set they do. Each one of our Volume fans is individually handcrafted as we work. We do not use pre-made fans or cluster lashes. And like any industry, skill or trade, as they gain momentum and experience, their prices will raise.

Everyone has different lashes, just like your hair on your head. Nobody has the same amount of lashes. Lashes have cowlicks, Lashes have spaces and gaps. You may naturally have 200 lashes on your left eye and 170 on your right. Your friend may only have 100 lashes on each. Blondes are usually less blessed in the lash department than brunettes as well. And as we age, we have less lashes too. Bigger more dominant eyes will have a better overall lash appearance because the lids will fan the lashes in a larger territory than smaller deep set eyes.
So see, it's all over the board. You can't have your friends lashes. We know. We're sad too. You don't think we ourselves lash our clients and wish WE had THEIR lashes? Aghhhh! We get jealous all the time! So when you come in with a picture of someone's lashes (or gulp strip lashes) and want them, we more than likely will not be able to do them. Remember, we are all unique! We do our best and fill you up, but in the end, we're just working with what Mother Nature gave us.


Typically extensions last about 2-4 weeks. Why such a vast difference? Because so many variables go into how long they will last. First to understand lash hairs, you must understand the various facts of lashes. You typically lose or shed 1-5 eyelashes a day on average, sometimes more, sometimes less. Your typical lash growth cycle is 45-90 days depending on your own personal self. Eyelashes are some of the most fleeting hairs on your body. With an extension placed on your natural lash, you will now notice the shedding of your lashes since an extension is longer and thicker than your natural lash. Oily skin is a huge factor in how long your extensions will last. Your hair follicles on your lashes produces oil and the amount of oil your personal skin produces factors into how it will break down the glue bond. Ladies with extremely oily skin may not be good candidates for lash extensions. Other factors include, humidity in the air, which side you sleep on, if your hair falls over you eyes, How often you rub or touch your eyes or pick at them. Extensions will come off if you rub your eyes. Its not a maybe its a definitely.

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